Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the C.M. Russell Museum?
♦ The C.M. Russell Museum is located at 400 13th Street North.

Where is the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center?
♦ The Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center is located at 4201 Giant Springs Road.

Where can I find information about the River's Edge Trail?
♦ You can find information at the River's Edge Trail web site.

Where are the great falls?
♦ Take Highway 87 (north) towards Havre. Watch for Ryan/Morony Dam sign. Go about 5 miles and follow the signs for Ryan Dam. You can also visit Morony Dam following these directions.

How big is the flag at the Visitors Information Center?
♦ 30'x50' Pole: 110'

What's the dog’s name on the Lewis & Clark Statue?
♦ Seaman

Can I fish in the Missouri River?
♦ Yes - pick your spot - after getting your license. For more information about hunting and fishing licenses see State of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks for more information.

How long is the Roe River?
♦201' making the Roe the shortest river in the world. The Roe River is located at Giant Springs State Park.

What is the population of Great Falls?
♦ Approximately 57,000

Where is the fish hatchery?
♦ Giant Springs State Park

How long is the River Edge Trail?
48 miles
♦ 19 miles of paved trail and miles of gravel or single and double track trail.

How many miles from Great Falls to Glacier National Park?
♦ 195 miles to West Glacier National Park
♦ 187 miles to East Glacier National Park

How many miles from Great Falls to West Yellowstone?
♦ 264 miles

When does Logan Pass open?
♦ Uncertain due to snow conditions. Call 1-800 226-7623

What's the daily quantity of water from Giant Springs?
♦ Giant Springs, one of the largest springs in the world, bubbles 388.8 million gallons of water every 24 hours