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The Great Falls Cascade County 911 Emergency Center is a collaborative effort between the City of Great Falls and Cascade County. The dispatchers of the 911 center dispatch emergency services for police, fire, medical, sheriff, rural fire, search and rescue, and quick response teams as needed. Dispatchers also relay requests for Mercy Flight (The local hospital helicopter) to respond to various incidents.

The 911 Center is enhanced, with a “caller id” computer program that can reveal the caller’s name, address, and phone number. This can be beneficial for those situations in which the caller is unable to provide or does not know the address they are calling from. This system expedites getting emergency responders to the scene to render assistance.

The men and women you speak to in the 911 Center have a tremendous responsibility of getting you help and their job can be very stressful. The Dispatch Center receives over 140,000 calls each year. Over 95% of calls are dispatched within 90 seconds of being answered. At the time of the call the dispatcher is combining location information with the questions asked of the caller to determine the emergency and the agency and or agencies that will respond to the scene. An emergency is determined when an immediate response by law enforcement or medical personnel is necessary to save and protect lives or property. Time is very important under such emergency conditions and can make the difference between life and death.

911 should not be dialed for non-emergency situations or instances that do not involve or require immediate assistance. If you call 911 for a non-emergency, someone with a real emergency might have a delay in receiving adequate help.

REMEMBER as a concerned citizen calling in an emergency on 911 or a non-emergency at (406)727-7688, Option #5 that LOCATION is the key. We need to have an accurate address of where the emergency is.


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