How Do I Pay My Fines?

City of Great Falls Montana

Fines are due in full on the day of sentencing. If you cannot pay your fine in full, you must see the Judge to set up a payment plan.

If you do not pay your fine according to your time pay agreement the court may:

  • Issue a warrant for your arrest.
  • Request that the Montana Department of Motor Vehicle suspend your privilege to drive.


There are three different payment options available.

1. Pay in person at the court window:

  • See the hours of operation for window hours.

  • The court accepts Cash, Personal Checks, Cashiers Checks, and Money Orders.

*Cash only if there's an active warrant.*

*Payments are not accepted during Tuesday adult check-in from 1:00-1:30pm.*

2. Mail in your payment to Great Falls Municipal Court, PO Box 5021, Great Falls, MT 59403.

  • Put the defendant's full name and year of birth in the memo line of the check or money order.

  • Traffic Citations - Enclose yellow copy of citation and payment (Check, cashiers check or money order).

*Receipts are not mailed back.  If you would like a receipt, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your payment.*

3. Pay online at

  • To payonline, you will need:

  1. Your date of birth.

  2. The citation number (located in the uper right hand corner of your ticket - it will start with 052C - if it does not start with 052C, it is not a Municipal Court Citation) -OR- Your case number (located on your paperwork that you receive in open court - it will start with TK-20 - An example is:  TK-2014-0005879.  You will need to enter it EXACTLY as it appears - include all zeros).



Court Policies:

  • Minimum payments are $50 per month.
  • Partial payments are NOT accepted.
  • If you cannot afford to pay your fines, you may see the Judge during open court to setup a work project.  You must be current on your fines to be eligible for a work project.
  • The court does NOT mail out monthly statements.  It is the responsibility of the defendant to know your due date and to make your payments on or before that date.  If you are late, you will get a notice of imminent drivers license suspension, that is the start of the warrant process.  You must pay your past due amount to get current and stop the warrant process, otherwise, a warrant will issue on the date the letter advises.
  • If there is a question as to whether a citation or fine is eligible for online payments and/or to determine if you must appear before the Judge, feel free to call (406) 771-1380  to verify.
  • There is a $30 fee on returned checks.  If a check is returned, you will not be allowed to pay by check again - CASH ONLY.
  • This court does not allow Bail/Bonds to be paid online.
  • If you choose to pay your citation online, you CANNOT get a deferred prosecution agreement on your charge.