Found Pets

Cat walking thru a fence

There are several ways to help reunite this animal with his/her owner, even if your time is limited. Here are some of those options:


  • Call the Great Falls Animal Shelter at (406)454-2276 to file a 'Found' card.  We need as complete information as possible, including a photo to help in the match up of any lost pets.  Contact the Shelter if you would rather email the information and photo.  Please remember individuals describe animals differently than their owner may.
  • Do not "wait a few days to see if he/she finds his/her way home". The pet may be injured if you leave him/her outside.  The owner may be sitting by the phone this moment just waiting for your call. Please do not hang up without leaving a found report if we don't know the owner at the time of your call. Our next phone call at the shelter may be just that person. If you do not leave a report we won't know how to contact you.
  • Decide what to do with the stray. There are several options. You may keep the animal at your house, while we look for the owner.  You may call the City Animal Control at (406)455-8492 (Dial 0 for Dispatch) and an officer can bring the animal to the shelter.  You may also bring the animal to the shelter yourself during working hours.  Please view our Office Hours.  Ideally, as a good samaritan, you should only keep the animal for about a week.  If you haven't found the owner by then please bring him/her to the shelter.
  • If you keep the animal with you, the next step is to call the Great Falls Tribune at (406)791-1420 and ask for the Classified Department. They will run a free 3 day ad. Calls received before 5 pm are printed in the next day's paper. Please read the lost and found section every day in case the owner has placed a lost ad.
  • Please contact us if a resolution occurs.  This helps us keep our files current.


Good luck and thank you for your kindness.